In today’s heavily regulated business environment worldwide, a robust corporate compliance program is a necessity. As regulators tighten their oversight of companies and the laws become increasingly complex, companies must focus on preventing compliance violations. Failing to adopt preventive compliance measures can result in time-consuming and expensive defenses against accusations of misconduct, even if legal fines and penalties are avoided.

An effective compliance program includes strong policies and procedures, education and reinforcement through training, certifications and compliance auditing. The tone has to come from the top. But every industry is different and every company is unique: compliance programs must be carefully tailored to fit the needs of its industry, business model, physical operations, regulatory environment and culture.

In addition, boards of directors face increasing accountability to regulators and stockholders. Israeli companies that do business in the US and UK must have robust compliance programs to comply with local requirements.

Not every program is infallible, however. In the event our corporate clients face a compliance challenge, we will conduct the internal investigation and interface with the authorities.

  • Areas of Service
  • Preparing Codes of Ethics and Compliance Programs for areas such as Anti-Corruption, Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terror Financing, Data Protection and Privacy;
    Risk Assessment and Fraud Prevention

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